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Parent Orientation Program

Arihant Carmel has the tradition of welcoming Parents and Students with a multi-pronged event known as Parents Orientation Program (POP). In the POP as an institute, we guide and keep Parents updated about the time line of academics like month wise calendar, examination system, open houses, many more events to come of their children’s education and Arihant Carmel’s mentoring process.

Open House

An event which is conducted at the end of every quarter, where Arihant Carmel Not only let the parents know about the Academic performance of the students of last three months, but also let them know about the action plan for the new Academic Quarter to come. These open houses ensure the overall holistic growth and development of students. At these open houses the academic triangle of Parent, Students and Institute gets completed.


Talk Show

Arihant Carmel organizes A Unique Talk Shows periodically where each and every student get the opportunity to share their academic and non-academic concerns directly with the Management. In these periodic Talk Shows management ensure every learner is treated uniquely and gets resolution for his or her concerns and can development of their eminent personalities across various challenges and can develop ability to resolve the same.

Career Interest Test (CIT)

When ever it comes to selection of stream or career options, it becomes challenging for parents and students to decide the best suitable and the correct career path for the learner. Arihant Carmel, conducts a special Scientific and complimentary Aptitude Test called as Career Interest Test (CIT). This CIT is designed by Arihant Carmel in such way that Learners can identify his/her strengths and affinity towards best suitable the career path for themselves. This CIT is conducted on our own cutting edge technology and is based on advancements in human psychology to extract best output from our learners.


Career Counseling

Experts from fields of Engineering, Medical, Pharmacy and Pure Sciences come and guide Parents and students about the importance of respective field. An exhaustive session highlighting admission process, duration, available number of seats and future scope of the same. That means Arihant Carmel will hold learner’s hand till they get admission into the next educational institute. These sessions of past has already helped thousands of learners so far to discover the correct career path and to become successful in life.

Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Every subject has its own way of learning pattern, tips and tricks. The subject experts, that is our eminent professors are the best person to guide and communicate the plan of action for the given subject to parents and students in the PTM. As an tradition , in PTM professors convey to parents about learner’s academic progress, overall behavior and critical requirements as per the subjects.
PTI Meeting

1-to-1 counselling

The role of education institute is not only to teach the learners, but it is also to counsel them time to time along with parents on one-on-one basis to let them know about their academic graph. In these one-on-one counselling’s we make sure that learner and parents are in complete stress free and education favorable environment. These sessions also are meant for active involvement of Parents in learner’s academic growth, which minimizes anxiety and streamlines their expectations from the learner.


End of every academic sessions enduring several months there comes a day which every learner and achiever wait very eagerly, that is the day of felicitation. On this day Arihant Carmel Management lavishly celebrate the success of all the Best Performers by awarding them the well-deserved Trophy. This is the day for to appreciate the efforts of all the learners, parents, professors, staff and falicitators who contributed for the wonderful outcome.